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100% Nature Derived.


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Get your hands on this hair oil! My hair feels 100x better since I started using it!

- Dagne L.


Sonova Naturals Lavender Bath Bombs and Original Cacao Butter Bath Bars are my go-to relaxation products; I love them! The Bath Bombs help relax my mind and body so that I can slump into bed and sleep the day away. The Cacao Butter Bath Bars soothe my tired, dry skin year-round. 

- Emma H.


I love how moisturizing these bath bars are! I like to use two squares at a time for an extra luxurious experience and I dont even have to use body lotion afterwards, my skin is so happy! And the lavendar scent is perfect for a pre-bedtime soak.

- Claire W.


This hair oil is fire! My hair is so soft and silky!

- Gemma H.


Your bath bar is a game changer! My daughter has dry skin and can't use most creams, but your bath bar makes a difference!! Thank you so much.

- Takashi H.